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Marina’s Cafe


The Story of Marina’s Cafe

“I love food so much it’s almost disturbing!”

                                                          —Marina Challeen

Marina Challeen was ArtSpoke’s very first Artist in Residence to sign on to this new Community project. She was full of enthusiasm and expectation as we talked about how children’s lives, and our own, could benefit from an experience such as ArtSpoke.

Marina also loved food and enjoyed the company of others around a common table, where as she herself said, ‘to share stories, to make others laugh’; therefore, we find it appropriate to take her with us on this adventure by dedicating and naming the ArtSpoke Café project after Marina.

Here are a few words from her family:

“I want to spend my life in the service and in the company of all kinds of people. I want to share their stories, make them laugh, and feel their sorrow. I want to help them, in any way I can, just as the people in my life have done for me with every passing minute. If I can do that, I know I will be happy”

                                                                       —Marina Challeen

Marina Challeen is an affirmer of life. This is not only what her own life stood for when she lived it; it remains a core way that she endures even after the ambulance crash in October, 2017 that committed her life to our hearts and memories. Marina—an Emergency Medical Technician who loved her work helping people in their times of greatest need—also loved new places, people, family and friends, and food.

ArtSpoke is grateful to Marina’s family for allowing us to do so. We are also most appreciative of their ongoing support for ArtSpoke.

Marina Chaleen