Cody's Bio

 You can achieve anything that you are willing to work for.

~ Drew Brees

Cody Bain


Cody grew up in the small town of Sulphur Springs, Texas, and moved to Stillwater, Minnesota in 2016. He met his wife while working at a summer youth camp called Laity Lodge Youth Camp. Together they are raising two amazing boys; Wayland and Everett. The most influential person in his life was his grandfather, Wayland Everett Shaver. When Cody’s father died, his grandfather taught him respect and love for others, which he strives to instill in his two boys.

Cody enjoys wood working and spending time in nature with his family. He and his wife also enjoy playing on their team in a community volleyball league.

why artspoke?

Cody got involved with Artspoke last year, helping coordinate the naturescape building project. He also spent two days as an artist-in-residence helping the kids with the construction of the naturescape. Through that experience, he witnessed many of the kids discover the satisfaction which comes from working hard to accomplish something great. In addition, the naturescape project does not have a rigid set of plans, allowing the imaginations of the children to flourish, and fostering support and validation of their ideas.


Cody is a licensed Structural Engineer with 8+ years of engineering experience. He currently works in forensic structures evaluation. He has been involved with several mission trips involving various types of construction projects. His most recent mission trip was to Haiti and the purpose was to build the first youth camp in the country.  The mission trip team included 40+ high school aged kids, and Cody was responsible for their security and safety during the trip.