Diane's Bio

Be the change you want to see.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


Dr. Diane Dahl


Diane is a Stillwater native; she grew up here and attended Stillwater schools.  She attended Macalester College where she majored in biology, and then went to the U of M for medical school and psychiatry residency.  Diane retired in 2015 from a 35 year career as a psychiatrist, working with the Hamm Clinic, Ramsey Clinic, Regions Hospital, and HealthPartners. She has two adult daughters, and two grandsons.  

Diane is interested in the arts, and knows a bit about music, literature, and poetry; and has a great eagerness to learn from others about these and many other creative endeavors.  

why artspoke?

ArtSpoke started as an idea to engage youth with adults in our community.  We quickly realized it could be an opportunity for so much more:  To learn new things in a safe space; to enjoy each others’ company while experimenting with creativity; to model the kind of community we desire.  It has been a place where young children feel valued as having something to share, and youth learn valuable skills of nurture, leadership and friendship.  Everyone is appreciated.  Kindness is intentional.


Diane has lots of experience with kids—having been a Girl Scout all of her childhood, a camp counselor, and Girl Scout leader.  In her vocation, Diane learned a lot about listening to people and knowing what a great privilege it is to be a part of someone’s experience of growth and healing.