How it works?

Grab a hammer, become a chef, capture life

with a camera & rediscover the wheel...

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Currently, ArtSpoke runs two complimentary programs.  The first is a leadership development program that runs September to June for 12-22 year olds.  This program builds practical life and vocational skills, and mentors youth and young adults to be “captains in training” (age 12-15) and “captains” (age 16+) for ArtSpoke’s summer program. Training focuses on strategies to create an environment of inclusion and belonging for all individuals regardless of race, gender, ability, place of origin, or any other differences. Training also includes First Aid & CPR, mental health awareness, positive discipline, and how to embrace vulnerability and manage group dynamics. 

The second part of ArtSpoke is the summer experience for elementary aged kids.

The ArtSpoke summer experience is a 5-day experience for youth ages 5 to 11. ArtSpoke isn’t just about “doing projects”. ArtSpoke creates an opportunity for the doing to inform the “being” of who we are and who we can be. Each child can discover that they can be someone who teaches others to long for living with one another in kindness, hope, and genuine care. ArtSpoke is a place of discovery—a place we can be in awe of our self and one another while kids build, create, cook, sing, dance, and tinker.

ArtSpoke is an experience offered to the larger Stillwater community by the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater.  Although affiliated with FPC, ArtSpoke does not promote any religious or political affiliation. 

It is an experience open to all. 


How the ArtSpoke Summer Experience Works:

•      Two five day weeks in 2019: June 10-14 and June 24-28

•      Kids attend from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. A nutritious lunch and two snacks are created daily.

•      Based on 40 children attending per week – in four groups of ten kids grouped by age. Each crew is lead by two captains (age 16+) and two captains in training (age 12-15).

•      The projects run (Monday-Thursday).  On Friday, participants’ families and community members are invited to celebrate the accomplishments of the week through a performance, and art show.

•      An Artist in Residence with professional expertise in that field oversees each project.

What is experienced:

  • The importance of one another’s stories.

  • Healthy living habits and good nutrition.

  • Team work

  • Life and vocational skills (discovery and accomplishment)

  • Managing graffiti and the need for self expression

  • Each persons value and importance in a community, even if you’re five.

  • How to overcome attention difficulties and deficits.

  • The difference between internal vs. external stimulus

Community Benefits:

  • Community dynamics are lived out through the structure of the program.

  • Inter-generational relationships are formed, which last a life time.

  • Respect is given and therefore earned.

  • A genuine sense of community is developed and sustained.

  • Barriers are broken down between age, race, religion, and socioeconomic status.