How it works?

Grab a hammer, become a chef, capture life

with a camera & rediscover the wheel...

How it Works:

  • A five day kids program for age 5 to 11.

  • Based on 40 children attending.

  • Participants will be placed into four crews of ten kids by age (developmental, as well as chronological age will be considered).

  • 4 projects (Monday-Thursday)

  • Day 5 (Friday) is a day of celebration where family and community members are invited to celebrate the accomplishments of the week.

  • One group completes one project each day, and each group rotates through all four projects.

What is experienced:

  • The importance of one another’s stories.
  • Healthy living habits and good nutrition.
  • Team work
  • Life and vocational skills (discovery and accomplishment)
  • Managing graffiti and the need for self expression
  • Each persons value and importance in a community, even if you’re  five.
  • How to overcome attention difficulties and deficits.
  • The difference between internal vs. external stimulus

Community Benefits:

  • Community dynamics are lived out through the structure of the program.
  • Inter-generational relationships are formed, which last a life time.
  • Respect is given and therefore earned.
  • A genuine sense of community is developed and sustained.
  • Barriers are broken down between age, race, religion, and socioeconomic status.