Nancy's Bio


Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

~ Voltaire

Nancy Stalland


Nancy grew up in St. Louis Park, MN as one of five kids in a neighborhood filled with more kids per block than virtually anywhere in Stillwater. She and her husband, Peter, moved to Stillwater in 1993 where they raised three talented daughters who all graduated from Stillwater Area High School. She currently splits her time working as a bookkeeper in her husband’s businesses and providing child care for her ever growning number of grandchildren. Her hobbies now revolve around the outdoors; walking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and Nordic skiing. In addition, she is an avid reader, and champions her families’ pursuits.

Growing up, her Dad had the biggest impact on her - he always gave of himself: volunteering in church, helping neighbors, and being active in professional groups. One teacher in high school taught Nancy something she has tried to apply her whole life: he taught her the power of “fun & games”. He showed her how anyone could learn to do difficult tasks if it was made into small, fun games.

Why Artspoke?

ArtSpoke is a safe place for adults and kids to mix. They get to know each other, celebrate their similarities and let differences shine in a way that makes us appreciate each other and form healthy bonds and relationships. Nancy also loves that ArtSpoke includes fun activities like trying new foods, art, dance, and hard outdoor work.

The St. Croix Valley is filled with a wonderful mix of people who have such amazing talents and gifts.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to let his or her unique talents shine and be recognized. Nancy enjoys being a part of a group that helps each individual shine in their own unique way.


No one ever says that being a mom is a credential, but Nancy DOES! She survived the toughest job ever and now has the privilege of being a new grandma to another generation. While growing up she had a lot of jobs and careers, from being a swimming teacher, lifeguard, and waitress, to becoming a psychologist and a public school teacher. She worked in a residential setting with young adults and in rehabilitation programs, as well.