The Projects

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The naturescape

Lights, Camera, Action!
Strike a pose! Take a selfie!

Take a moment…be mindful and show gratitude.

  • Artist in Residence join ArtSpoke on a walking field trip where they will take photos of how they see life in their community.
  • Each crew then prepares a slideshow and will share their creative expressions with friends, family, and the community on day five.

What do you get when you take a child, a hammer, a nail or two, and expertise? BAM!
A Naturescape!

  • A Naturescape is a natural play space, where materials from the natural environment are used and re-purposed to create interactive, natural play areas.  
  • An Artist in Residence will offer guidance and work with crews to build a Naturescape at a local school or community space.
  • Before ArtSpoke even opens its doors, the Naturescape is designed by a team of experts, including a structural engineer. 
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Marina's Cafe

Steampunk Art

Stir, mix, blend, and…
Sha bang!
Move over Junior Master Chef!

  • Artist in Residence will work with each crew to coordinate, make, and serve snack and lunch to everyone attending ArtSpoke.
  • Each crew will also add their culinary creations to a recipe book of meals they can make at home.
  • On day five, the staff will make lunch for those in attendance of the day’s celebrations.

What do spark plugs, computer parts, radios, TV's, nuts and
bolts, and gears and such have to do with ART?

  • Artist in Residence will join ArtSpoke to create a piece of art using everyday ‘junk’.
  • Crews will be given themes such as bravery and courage in order to inspire their works.
  • On day five, we will have a Steampunk art parade.