Thom's Bio

Dr. Thom Davis

Thom Davis is a retired child and family psychologist. He started his career not in the field of psychology but in education as an elementary school teacher in Philadelphia, PA. After several years of classroom teaching he became an elementary school principal at his school in Philadelphia, and later at a school in Colorado Springs, CO. His experience with young children as an educator led him to pursue a doctorate in psychology, and in 1982 he and his family moved to Minnesota so he could go to the University of Minnesota in a graduate program that combined child development, clinical and school psychology, and family therapy. As Easterners by birth both he and his wife expected to return to Pennsylvania upon graduation, but Minnesota had become home, and Thom went to work at what was then Group Health, now HealthPartners. His work there included increasing management and research responsibilities in addition to clinical practice, so in 2000 after the increasing demands of corporate healthcare he left HealthPartners and opened his own solo private practice near home. Thom practiced there for 13 years before retiring in 2013.