Our Story

ArtSpoke...rediscovering the wheel.


ArtSpoke, a community based kids program that cultivates the discovery and mindful expression of the power of your story.

ArtSpoke is a five day adventure geared for kids age 5 to 11 (of all abilities). ArtSpoke aims to create a self-perpetuating environment of discovery that is open and receptive to all individuals.  It is a safe place to express ideas and talents, both artistically and with generous hospitality.

As we move through this five day journey with our crew, we are encouraged to be mindful, build relationships, and encounter diverse vocations as we focus on one project each day. Foundational to ArtSpoke is illuminating the artistry within each of us and the discovery of the power of our story.  

ArtSpoke is an experience offered to the larger Stillwater community by the First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater.  Although affiliated with FPC, ArtSpoke does not promote any religious or political affiliation. 

It is an experience open to all.